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We offer wholesale watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, and gourds. Give us a call or email for current inventory and pricing on wholesale produce. 

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48 CT. 8-13 LB 
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48 CT. 8-13 LB
70 CT. 6-8 LB 

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We use tools and technology available to grow a delicious, local product in a region that doesn't typically grow melons. We have designed and engineered equipment to harvest and handle melons to ensure employees can focus on selecting for ripeness with less physical strain. 

We trial and select our varieties of watermelon and cantaloupe with great care. This ensures that they will perform in our growing environment without compromising flavor and quality. We also blend our own special mix of pollinating varietals. 

We use high efficiency drip irrigation to reduce water use, improve soil health with composted organic material generated from our farming operations, and maintaining a local customer base to save on fuel and emissions.

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we don't compromise 

We are committed to sustainability

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We grow over 40 acres of carving, miniature, and decorative pumpkins. Transplanting seedlings ensures a successful crop year after year. 

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