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A Self Serve Retail Experience

We stock what is ripe and in season. We pick and restock daily!

One way we keep prices low is through honor system marketing. You wont find a cashier at the farm stands. We feel that if our customers trust us to grow food for their family, we can trust them to pay appropriately.

A pay box is located at each of our stands. Look for a bright clue box and red pull handle. Customers can deposit cash, check, and Farm Nutrition Coupons directly into the box. They may also pay using our code with the Venmo app.

You can always call or stop by our main office if you need assistance!
We are open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm   
503-651-3302   32300 S Dryland Rd Molalla, OR 97038

self serve
produce stands


Late spring through fall, you can find an abundance of local, farm fresh produce on our self-serve, roadside stands.



community centered events

We love any excuse to have a good time. Join us on the farm for interactive opportunities for the whole family! 



 Are you interested in stocking Willamette Valley Melon produce at your location?

Melons and Pumpkins are available wholesale.  

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Visit our home base for the largest variety, or check out one of our other locations.
Restocked Daily!

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blog: farming adventures

the bee's knees

Where do baby melons come from? It's not the stork but it is thanks to another busy winged critter. Honey bees produce a delicious treat we all love to eat, but the other result of their hard work is pollination - spreading the pollen from flower to flower. 

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rEAL TALK ABOUT our FARMING adventures

the melons are late

The calls and posts are rolling, "When will there be melons!" It's a little embarrassing to admit, but our melons are late. Read more to find out why!

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the bee's knees

Where do baby melons come from? It's not the stork. It is thanks to another busy winged critter. Read more to learn about our busiest workers. 

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CHeck it out

Community Centered Events

Our annual kick off to melon harvest! Enjoy your time at the farm listening to a full day music line up, kids activities, food tucks, local vendors, and educational opportunities.  

Watermelon crawl

Our three main EVENTs

Community Centered Events

sip n' ride

Sip and ride your way through are farm! This is an horse focused event, but includes a variety of non riding activities and a full bar!

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Community Centered Events

Fall Family Fun

Pumpkins galore and fun for all ages. Join us each weekend in October for a farm festival designed to be affordable and educational! Includes Live Music!

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At Willamette Valley Melons, we strive to make our farm accessible to all we welcome here. We are a farm and while our main pavilion area is paved, most of our property is natural land, gravel, and dirt. Full accessibility is often determined by weather and its impact on our lands. Wheelchair accessible portable restrooms are available and parking places are allocated for those seeking close proximity to the paved pavilion area. As we continue to build and develop our family-owned event space and land, it is our intention to construct areas and activities that offer increased accessibility for all, and we welcome input on how to do so.

For specific questions about the property or mobility devices, please contact Lauren at (503) 651-3302. We look forward to welcoming you to Willamette Valley Melons.  

Accessibility on our farm


Follow us to be in the know about what's going on and what's available on the stand!